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Health care

As we know that Bigdata describes large volumes of complex, high velocity and variable data which require advanced technology to capture, store and analysis of information. Big data is big and is even growing bigger in health care, U.S. health care data alone reached 150 Exabyte’s, which is equal to 30 times of all the words ever spoken by mankind. At this rate all the data will reach even more higher number. It is true that Bigdata has a wide


The recent explosion of cloud computing services, mobile devices, and other new technologies have made an upside down of the existing security paradigms. Today the security programs are unable to guarantee that a network can be built without compromise. Instead, the challenge is to understand the threat and implement controls and capabilities that protect data and effectively manage risk. Hence we come out with a new approach for developing cloud security. 1. Traditional methods abandoned: Today we begin with an

test automation

According to Gartner by next year, over 268 billion of mobile apps will be downloaded creating a revenue of $77 billion. As a result, many new softwares developments, new approaches to technologies and new cloud based testing are being approached. As a result, many are looking forward for test automation for a better and faster delivery of best and quality product. Testing has now become more customer centric than product centric. We can take a major trend in software testing


What is Blockchain? Blockchain gives a smart solution to the peer to peer communication platform problem. This technology allows the creation of a distributed digital ledger of transactions that is shared among the intersection of a network instead of being stored on a central server. Blockchain uses cryptography to identify nodes and allow a secure transaction, thus eliminating the need for central authority. This combination is already gaining momentum and is being adopted by both start-ups and tech giants. IBM

Business Analytics

The modern business digitalization and the combination of social, information, mobile and cloud computing have made it imperative for enterprises to quickly respond and adapt to change. Business analytics acts as a driving force for innovation, and places evidence-based decision-making at paramount importance in both operational and strategic business execution. In this context, analytic agility can be defined as the ability for analytics and business intelligence to be responsive, fast, flexible, and adaptable. Improve Agility of Analytic Processes Agile analytic

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