In today’s connected world, vulnerabilities are the major cause for security breaches. By performing security testing for web, mobile, API or web services, network and other interconnected components, most of the vulnerabilities can be detected in advance.

To safeguard applications from evolving security threats, Motivity Labs has adopted latest techniques and advanced test methodologies to effectively address potential security risks. Our unique approach unearths vulnerabilities in application and provides confidence to our clients before delivering it to market.

Our Offerings

Dynamic Application Security Testing- Enterprise Security

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Software Applications are at the foundation of every business. Organizations deploy a great number of web applications, which are from external facing like corporate websites to internal facing portals.

Our security team helps to identify vulnerable threats and provide a complete security posture of the application. Motivity Labs security team adherence to industry security standards such as SANS, OWASP, etc. Our security report also helps to prioritize the identified security flaws and provide detailed solutions for immediate remediation.

Network Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing- Enterprise Security

Network Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Motivity Labs performs an in-depth evaluation of your information security posture, indicating weaknesses as well as providing the appropriate mitigation procedures and providing the level of risk by performing Vulnerability Assessments. We perform penetration tests to ensure that an external and/or internal cyber attacker aims to breach the information security of the organization.

Mobile Application Security Testing- Enterprise Security

Mobile Application Security Testing

We perform customized attacks based on the nature of your mobile applications in both Android and iOS platforms. Motivity Labs team perform security scanning on all possible use cases of mobile application and entire mobile to find vulnerabilities that may expose sensitive information to the malicious users.

Static Application Security Testing- Enterprise Security

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

We guide you to identify security weaknesses at the code level using the White-box technique before they are exposed to the attackers. Motivity Labs looks at the ways the code is designed to pinpoint possible security flaws at the early stages of the SDLC and identify the potential security threats as per industry standards and best practices.

Red Teaming- Enterprise Security

Red Teaming

Our security experts use the experience from the front lines of cyber attacks to detect network and system based vulnerabilities. Motivity Labs has a unique way to simulate the real-world attackers that target your environment. Red Team Assessments focus critical assets. Devices, Security Operations adds an additional component and working with your internal security team to detect security flaws and provide a post-mortem analysis at each layer of possible attack.

DevSecOps- Enterprise Security


Digital transformation has become an existential requirement for almost all enterprises. DevSecOps Model, at a high-functioning level, is to integrate security objectives as early as possible in the lifecycle of software development. Motivity Labs Activities designed to identify and ideally solve security issues are injected early in the lifecycle of application development, rather than after a product is released. This is accomplished by enabling development teams to perform many of the security tasks independently within the software development lifecycle (SDLC).


Our Advance Threat Management solutions help organizations to safeguard their essential information.

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