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Life @ Motivity Labs

Motivity Labs is a place where a fine line of career testers, leads young minds into the infinite opportunities in Software Development. At Motivity, we make sure that talent meets technology in a culture which is driven by knowledge and growth. Being a part of Motivity Labs makes you a stakeholder of achievements which will turn your latent potential into a success story. Motivity Labs offers employees opportunities to interact with and learn from accomplished people. Business leaders, representatives of government and non-government organizations and intellectuals regularly visit our workplace on invitation to deliver talks and presentations that provide insights to the careers and personal attributes of these role-models.
For learning to be effective it needs to be delivered in a congenial environment that not just nurtures but stimulates the interest of the best minds that receive it.

Awards for employees:

We encourage a competitive environment by giving awards and recognitions for all the teams. We make sure of building a competitive spirit in all our employees.
Along with the awards we celebrate birthdays of all our employees and also their service anniversaries.

Company Unions:

Company Unions are an employee refreshing HR initiatives for the employees with a complete holiday package, creating a healthy bond between all our employees.


Cultural development is a leading strategy for an employee to be in interaction with the organization. We follow traditional days and cultural events on festivals along with a gesture of traditional wear.

Health camp:

An HR initiative, to ensure the health of all the employees. A leading health organization partners to ensure our employees’ health. We offer many major health checkups’.

Our offices are accompanied with a play room and other workplace encouragements.