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Security Testing

security testing services provides to test applications, web sites and infrastructure for bugs,
vulnerabilities, configuration errors and other defects.


In modern era, security is the major concern for any application, and we at Motivity Labs and with our decades of experience in software testing, give security testing services the utmost importance to test the application reliability and determine the data and resources of the systems are protected round the clock.


Vulnerability Scanning

To test the system’s vulnerability, our experts scan the entire application to evaluate the security by identifying and diagnosing the vulnerabilities of the application.

Security Scanning

Our team of experts performs security scanning of the entire application to identify misconfigurations in the system/network/software.

Penetration Testing

To identify the system or application’s weak points, penetration testing is carried out by our experts to ensure maximum security.

Risk Assessment

The process of risk assessment by our experts helps in identifying and implementing the key security protocols in the application.

Ethical Hacking

To test the system’s firewall or security protocols, our experts perform ethical hacking to identify the potential threats and provides necessary solutions to overcome.

Security Auditing

A checklist of complete security protocols is being identified and audit is performed by our experts to crosscheck the implementation of the security systems.

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