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Web Services

If you are confused of establishing a mobile app or a website for your business, then there are some considerations which you need to know so that you get the best for your business. Sometimes it is much important to have a a mobile app for the users to download and sometimes it is the mobile website. It will vary based on the interaction of the users with your business. If you are running an e commerce or a fashion


Mobility is a global phenomenon that is transforming the world in many ways. The benefits of implementing mobile applications are clear and numerous, enterprises must overcome challenges in terms of security, architecture, user experience needs, device diversity, and the development process in order to be successful.It helps every business gain significant competitive advantage by increasing their workforce productivity, growing their revenues. Understanding the strategy of your business and establishing a road map to guide the implementations for the mobility development

Mobile App

Mobile app development has been taking a new turn in the recent trends. It is more important for companies to design a good and a perfect application to grow their business. Developing a mobile app is an easy task but what makes a user stop at your application? There are many conditions which are important for the designers and the developers to develop the application. The development and then a good maintenance make you a leader in the market. The


Many technology success stories leave behind its unintended consequences. One ideal example would be of virtualization. Virtualization has provided us with unprecedented hardware resource utilization. One impressive thing about it is that it has radically transformed a provisioning process by reducing the time taken for the process to minutes instead of months. The speed and flexibility provided by virtualization was unimaginable then, and it also paved strong foundation for platforms for both private as well as public cloud. The prevalence

DevOps implementing

Which corporate leader wouldn’t wish to see their operations and development teams working seamlessly to define, deploy and maintain their customer services? Apart from corporate leaders, CFOs are also continuously searching for ways to bring down maintenance costs of their versatile services. DevOps represents more than just a shift in how development, operations and the business stakeholders are collaborating technically to develop unique services. It is like a modern cultural shift within an organization, which has radically changed how technology

Test plan

With respect to software development in the waterfall method, more emphasis is given on defining various needs of a software product before entering the next phase of designing, which includes test planning and application design. As those requirements are quite known in advance before even adopting the waterfall method, defining a test plan is very much possible demanding quite few modifications during the project lifecycle. Now if we analyze those needs in the context of agile development, they have been