Teledentistry-Motivity Labs

Teledentistry Case Study

Motivity’s team worked closely with the existing development team, doing code reviews, integrations and understanding the scope of project management process.

Benefits delivered:

  • Fortified the existing development processes to bring stability and a degree of dependability to the current solution.
  • Motivity Labs new design delivers a highly scalable and dependable solution optimized for the dental caregivers, insurers, and most importantly the dental patient by delivering lower cost with quicker response resulting in better dental service.

Glympse Case Study

Motivity Labs chalked out a test strategy to perform different kinds of testing for Glympse Application and reported the number of bugs found in each platform as a part of their effort to make it bug free app.
Benefits delivered:

  • Motivity labs reported 38 issues major in Android (24) and iOS (14) from the Production Build.
  • This enabled the client to resolve the issues prior to Production release.
  • Enhanced the performance of their app across devices.
  • Unparalleled customer experience.

Good Technology
Case Study

  • Support and maintenance of GFE product for FIRST tickets
  • Identifying the root cause and fixing the issues.
  • Development of new features planned for GFE server.
  • Development of new features planned for GEMS server.
  • Provide the build to QA team for testing.
  • Deliver the newer versions/builds to market on-time as aligned to the Good – Technology roadmap

Apollo Case Study

  • Tested 30+ devices belonging to various mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry
  • Motivity approach towards testing benefited customer to focus on core business and saved time in releases.
  • Consumer satisfaction.
  • Better healthcare performance.

Telos Case Study

  • ML’s Team with Manthan Systems, Bangalore is involved in implementing the designing of analytics meeting Telos Logistics and its consortium member’s requirements. ARC product is used for warehouse design, ETL, designing of data model, developing of reports (static and dynamic KPIs).
  • Analytics provides good visibility in for Back haul opportunities, Freight Deviation, Budget, carrier compliance, etc.
  • Motivity Labs is the IT enablement partner for Telos Logistics and its consortium members, and for new members whom Telos brings on board.
  • One stop IT enablement company where ML do all IT for Telos and members.
  • Once on boarded, Motivity Labs is also committed to cater Managed services for Telos logistics and its members.

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