Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans actions interacting with digital systems and software. Software robots can do faster and more consistently than people, without the need to get up and stretch or take a coffee break.

RPA plays vital role in digital transformation at rapid pace.
RPA drives rapid
RPA drives rapid, significant improvement with major cost savings.
RPA robots
RPA robots can ramp up quickly to match workload peaks and respond to big demand spikes.
RPA reduce
RPA reduce manual errors leading to higher accuracy



Kofax intelligent automation solutions help you digitally transform so you can work like tomorrow, today.


UiPath streamlines processes, uncovers efficiencies making the path to digital transformation.


Discover, digitize, automate and analyze processes with one integrated platform.

process automation

Blue Prism is transforming the way work is done and building a digital workforce for every enterprise.

At Motivity Labs we strive to be not just a vendor, but also your trusted partner and advisors and in your Enterprise journey. Whether this is a new Kofax implementation or an evolution or extension of your existing solution, We at Motivity Labs will guide you through every step of the way. Our team of Dedicated architects and engineers will work closely with you to address all your business challenges. Automating complex, dynamic workflows is a challenging task. But even processes that rely on highly skilled personnel to manage shifting roles and timelines can be enhanced with a dynamic case management system. Using market leading technology from Kofax, allows Motivity Labs to leverage machine learning to transform structured and unstructured data into actionable and embedded AI smart recognizes people, content and context. The result is a powerful “total” workforce comprising of digital and human workers. Our team of business process intelligence experts is committed to delivering results that you can trust. Maximum efficiency, higher quality, greater productivity, and increased compliance- these are our promises to you. Our team has the knowledge and skillset to assist with all project requirements, including Smart Process Applications like Total Agility, Transformation, Advanced Capture and Mobile Capture. We combine the Kofax services with our unique Agile Development process, of which there are a separate group of resources, who will break down every task and keep all work transparent.

Motivity Labs’s Kofax Services

  • Installation & Development of Kofax products
  • Kofax Total Agility, Kapow, Kofax Insight, Kofax Analytics, Kofax search and Matching Server, KIC Build and customizations.
  • Integration with existing applications
  • Architecture planning
  • Kofax Migration & Upgrades
  • Kofax Capture
  • Kofax KTM
  • Kofax consulting
Motivity Labs employs several UiPath certified consultants and developers. We provide Automation service and use cognitive technologies to create industrial scale process automation solutions via Azure-cloud for our clients around the world. The platform allows for building and connecting with different automation capabilities – including the market’s leading RPA technologies (UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and Power Automate) – in the same solution.

Motivity Labs’s UiPath Services

  • UiPath Assessment
  • UiPath Consulting
  • UiPath Implementation
  • UiPath Support
  • UiPath Managed Services
  • Automation Anywhere’s enterprise-grade platform uses software bots that work side by side with employees to reduce repetitive work. It provides an artificial intelligent-enabled solution to manage and scale business processes faster with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs. Automation Anywhere is the proven RPA industry leader and enables RSM to provide our clients with customized industry solutions for health care, technology, manufacturing, insurance and financial services industries.

    Motivity Labs’s Automation Anywhere Services

  • Discovery Bot
  • IQ Bot
  • RPA Workforce
  • Bot Insight
  • Blue Prism® is intelligent automation — business-developed, no-code automation that pushes the boundaries of robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver value across any business process in a connected enterprise. A combination of RPA with expanded cognitive and AI capabilities, Blue Prism® is different from other automation technology on the market. We at Motivity Labs can help you choose the right licensing strategy and also help you implement and maintain your automation efforts

    Motivity Labs’s Blue Prism Services

  • Automation Platform
  • Blue Prism Cloud Platform
  • Decipher IDP
  • Capture
  • ERP Accelerator
  • ALM
  • Service Assist
  • Digital Exchange
  • DevOps

    Our Process Automation solutions help organizations improve their decision making, regardless of business type or size.

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