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Cloud Consulting

Motivity Labs’ cloud consulting services and solutions help organizations choose the right cloud solutions

like planning, strategy, migration, and disaster recovery to provide a robust cloud infrastructure or 

improve their existing cloud environments with the cost-effective cloud it consulting.

Cloud Services

Motivity Labs cloud consulting services and solutions help organizations choose the right cloud solutions like strategy, migration and disaster recovery to provide a robust cloud infrastructure or improve their existing cloud environments with cost effective cloud solutions.

With technological advancements, storage in the software industry underwent multi-fold changes and landed at cloud technology. Motivity Labs with over a decade of experience in cloud consulting services helps organizations transform their IT environment with cost-effective cloud services and solutions.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Computing Consulting Services

Embrace the power of cloud consulting services and computations that can digitally transform your business paradigm. Migrating to Cloud services and solutions opens new promises and direction to create value driven solutions in your organization. Our Cloud IT and Computing Consulting Services and Solutions can create industry-specific solutions to help you discover the power of cloud at the core of your business.



Public Cloud Services

Cloud services and solutions are implemented with shared physical resources that are combined. In the case of public clouds, the same shared infrastructure is used to provide services to multiple clients.

Hybrid cloud services

This refers to a combination of one or more public clouds with a private cloud platform. It utilizes both the on-premises private cloud services and the third-party public cloud consulting services.

Private Cloud Services

In this implementation, cloud consulting services are provided for the dedicated use of a single organization or selected users using private IT infrastructure.

Data recovery services

Our cloud disaster recovery services enables any organization to enable the continuity of operations without any setbacks in the event of any failure in the cloud repository.

Business Benefits

Cloud computing
Reduced migration cost
Optimized cloud costs
Efficiency in performance
Faster development speed
Reliability and Recovery
Enhanced Security

Our Approach

Evaluation of technical capabilities and objectives followed by exploring suitable solutions.
Design and plan the implementation supported by architecture design and deployment plan.
Execution of the proposed solution on the client’s premises and making it ready to integrate with the current systems.
Reviewing the implemented solution and providing the scope for optimizing the for operational best practices.

Why Motivity Labs ?











Motivity labs is a leading Cloud computing consulting company, with over a decade of experience in cloud migration, cloud disaster recovery and cloud consulting services. We have experience delivering an entire gamut of Cloud services encompassing the public, private and hybrid Cloud types. We have always had customer satisfaction at the forefront and have successfully implemented tailored cloud services and solutions utilizing the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) service models depending on the customer requirement.

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