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Functional Testing

At QA Functional Testing, we are specialized in Manual Functional Testing of web applications and mobile apps. 


With vast experience in the field of software testing and quality assurance, our team of experts ensures the application is tested in terms of functionality wise that can leverage the proven industry standards and make sure the applications run as per the user requirements every time.

Types of Functional Testing

Unit Testing

As every unit plays a vital role in an application, our team of experts ensures that every single unit function without errors for the proper functioning of the application.

Smoke Testing

The most important preliminary check of the software is carried out by our experts with utmost importance after a build and before release to ensure the functionality as per the requirement.

System Testing

With vast knowledge in quality assurance, our experts test the entire application to test the integrations, performance, and compatibility.

Sanity Testing

To make sure the changes in the existing code are functioning properly, our experts conduct sanity testing before going to deploy.

Acceptance Testing

The last phase of testing before making the application live to the end user to be conducted vigorously to ensure there it will be error-free and proper functioning as per the requirement.

Regression Testing

As updates or improvements are ongoing for any application and our team of testing experts makes sure that the application works smoothly through regression testing.

Interface Testing

As applications are interlinked with several components or units, the links also play a major role to function properly. Our experts conduct interface testing to make sure all the components are connected and functioning as per the requirements.

Integration Testing

For the smooth functioning of any application, integrations of every unit should be given major importance and we at Motivity Labs focus on integration testing to make sure all the subcomponents are integrated without any errors.

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