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Public Cloud Services

Public Cloud Services, we help businesses to develop their public cloud strategy, and enable them
to build a hybrid cloud service to improve business results.


With rich experience in software services, Motivity Labs offers public cloud services that can be shared and pooled together and can be accessed over a public network. In the case of public clouds, the same shared infrastructure is used to provide services to multiple clients.

Features and Benefits


Addresses all computing services which can be accessed through any internet-enabled device

Pay-as-you-go Charging model

Customers can access only the required storage and pay as per usage.


Applications running on the public cloud run without interruption as it deploys on-demand access to the storage.

Cost Effective

With the usage of shared resources and a higher number of resources, public cloud services are very cost-effective.


Failure of a few components will not affect the computing as it uses numerous systems that are combined.

Why Motivity Labs?

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Industries We Serve

Application development and maintenance


(BFSI) is the industry's umbrella term for companies that provide a range of such financial products or services.


Telecommunications, also known as telecom, is the exchange of information over significant distances by electron.


The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design.


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