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Is your data infrastructure ready to support the next decades? If not, it’s time to consider implementing a modern, Cloud-based data estate.

Enterprises are using data, now more than ever to accelerate innovation, drive strategic business decision making, and ensure the success of their digital transformation initiatives. Motivity Labs helps customers in building and a Data & Analytics Platform mapped to Business Outcomes to fuel organization’s efficiency.


  • More terabytes of data
  • Save on costs
  • Need the ability to scale the compute
  • Consolidate data into single location
  • Shape, model, transform and aggregate the data
  • Batch/Micro-batch loads
  • Perform query analysis across large datasets

Factors that drive the change

  • Ability to upgrade existing systems to meet the new requirements
  • Accelerate cloud migration to realize full potential in terms of cost savings, increased productivity etc.
  • Total cost of ownership of operating and maintaining the legacy systems is very high
  • Reduce costs and complexities by rationalizing & optimizing data landscapes

Our Approach

Quality Assurance
Data Integration

We enable our clients to assess their data & landscape revealing usage statistics and limitations with legacy technologies.

Quality Assurance
Data Compute & Storage

Leveraging our extensive experience across data storage and compute, we help our clients in executing end to end solution.

Data Governance

We empower our clients to establish a robust data governance that provides cataloguing and lineage capabilities, single point of access for data quality rules.

Quality Assurance
Data Platform for Analytics

We enable our clients to accelerate innovation and enhance business efficiency with our data platforms.

Business Intelligence
Data Consumption

We help our clients to model dashboards with the right KPI’s & business rules and empower them with self-service based insights and intuitive visualizations.

Tools & Technologies

MongoDB- Data Engineering Tools
Neo4j- Data Engineering Tools
Kafka- Data Engineering Tools
Apache_Cassandra- Data Engineering Tools
Azure Cosmos DB- Data Engineering Tools
Azure Analysis Services- Data Engineering Tools
Azure Data Factory- Data Engineering Tools
Databricks- Data Engineering Tools

Our Data Engineering solutions help organizations improve their decision making, regardless of business type or size.

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