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Bigdata Analytics

BigData analytics examines huge amounts of data to uncover the hidden patterns, correlations and other important insights.With today’s advanced technology, it is possible to analyze your data and get resolutions almost immediately. Analyzing BigData allows analysts, business users, and researchers to make better and absolute decisions using data that was previously inaccessible or unusable. Using advanced analytic techniques such as machine learning, text analytics, predictive analytics, statistics data mining, and language processing. Businesses can analyze previously untapped data sources independent

Big Data testing

Big data is a widely used medium in software testing. Since its dawn it has been challenged by many global organizations to provide a competitive advantage. The IT companies now are moving very quickly in the application testing and hence to catch the rate the proper testing and preparing user friendly applications is required. Today Bigdata is described as velocity, variety and volume namely the three Vs. It describes as that the large amount of data in various structure should

Health care

As we know that Bigdata describes large volumes of complex, high velocity and variable data which require advanced technology to capture, store and analysis of information. Big data is big and is even growing bigger in health care, U.S. health care data alone reached 150 Exabyte’s, which is equal to 30 times of all the words ever spoken by mankind. At this rate all the data will reach even more higher number. It is true that Bigdata has a wide

Business Analytics

The modern business digitalization and the combination of social, information, mobile and cloud computing have made it imperative for enterprises to quickly respond and adapt to change. Business analytics acts as a driving force for innovation, and places evidence-based decision-making at paramount importance in both operational and strategic business execution. In this context, analytic agility can be defined as the ability for analytics and business intelligence to be responsive, fast, flexible, and adaptable. Improve Agility of Analytic Processes Agile analytic