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Database Migration

Database Migration Services provides a full range of database migration services, including data transfer
between different databases, platforms and applications


Database Migration Service is a fully managed service that enables you to migrate databases or data warehouses from on-premises or other cloud services to Azure/AWS/GCloud. It supports the migration of multiple database types, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. We partner with our customers in their journey to move from legacy RDBMS / OLTP systems to enterprise data lakes. Data warehouse modernization enables the data warehouse environment to meet rapidly changing business requirements, provide support for new data sources and build innovative solutions.


Open Source DB migrations to Azure/AWS/GCloud

NoSQL DB (MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase) Migration Cloud

On-Prem ETL Workloads to Azure Data Factory

On-Prem SQL to Cloud SQL

Our Approach

Break Vendor Lock
  • Identify easy to migrate databases to cloud native or open source databases
  • Visualize your migration plan
  • See immediate quick win migrations
Create cloud database migration plan
  • Scan your Oracle and SQL server databases in minutes
  • View in-depth metrics
  • Learn how to accelerate your application modernization
Adopt next generation databases
  • Get the information you need to plan your adoption to next gen cloud-native databases
  • Target migrations to Amazon Aurora/RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Microsoft Azure DB and SQL DB.
Optimize Database Licensing
  • Analyze your Oracle databases
  • Identify cost reduction potential
  • For lift and shift migrations to AWS, Azure or GCP

Tools & Technologies


Database Migration Strategies
  • Moving applications from your datacenter to the cloud quickly.
  • Business that require the applications but don’t need to change app capabilities right away.
  • When you have an existing codebase and development skills, and code portability is a concern.
  • A quick way to modernize your apps.
  • Take advantage of existing application investments.
  • Meet scalability requirement in a cost-effective way.
  • Building new applications using cloud-native technologies.
  • Expediting business innovation.
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