Health Insurance Data Analysis and Reporting Using PowerBI admin July 28, 2023

Health Insurance Data Analysis and Reporting Using PowerBI

Health Insurance

Problem Statement

The Client is from the Health insurance industry, Involved in collecting, storing, and Analyzing huge Amounts of Data Manually. So, the business is looking to Automate the daily, weekly, and monthly data reports The business also wants to build a reporting dashboard using Power BI to get daily transaction insights and develop a business strategy.

Use cases

  • Analyzing Hospital level wise Total Policy Information
  • Identifying different Surgeries and the amount spent on surgeries
  • Gender-wise analysis of health insurance policies
  • Location-wise and category-wise policy and amount of information

System Requirements

  • Data from Sources
  • MS SQL Server
  • Power BI

Project Architecture

Our Approach

  1. Loading CSV file into SQL Server Database
  2. Created dimension tables using fact table
  3. SQL Database Connection to Power BI Desktop
  4. Importing data from SQL Server Database to Power BI Desktop
  5. Imported Data into Power BI Desktop
  6. Create a relationship between dimension tables and fact tables in the model view
  7. Creating reports based on the requirement

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