Increase Transformations in consumer lending using Digital technologies admin September 29, 2022

Increase Transformations in consumer lending using Digital technologies

About the Client:

Our client is a full-service, technology-driven consumer finance company focused on vehicle finance and unsecured consumer lending products.


The client has several auto finance programs which are marketed to various banks. Through years of experience, they have gained valuable perspective on the auto origination processes and have approached MotivityLabs for automating data Validation and Integration across different business areas like Servicing, Finance, Risk etc.


The main challenge our client was to find the right technology partner who could translate their purpose of providing a complete auto origination process that could help in data handling and validations at different stages from start to finish, at a low cost and on time.

The client wanted the following challenges to be addressed as quickly as possible:

  • Identifying the Test data and preparing the test bed
  • Dealing with huge amount of data for validation
  • Validation and automating of the data load with Control M
  • Validation of reports, dashboards, cubes and Files
  • Completion of testing on time in accordance with rally following agile with scrum methodology

What We Did:

The Motivity Labs team worked closely with the vision of our client to drive an automated financing model based on technology-driven business processes.

  • We validated the data effectively by writing optimized, less time taking more effective¬†¬†¬† queries
  • Validated the Schedules in Control M thoroughly for the data load automation
  • Validated the Reports, dashboards, cubes and files using open source tools like beyond compare
  • Coordinating with development team and getting work done on time with testing efforts
  • Worked on all challenges as a team by coordinating with onshore team

Expertise provided

Domain Functional Experts

SQL server managers

ETL experts

Tableau developers

Technology Stack used

  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Control M
  • Informatica
  • SSAS
  • SSRS
  • Tableau

Success achieved

  1. Automation has improved efficiency and reduced manual effort on loading the data.
  2. Cubes helped in generating User friendly reports for the customer who had little or no knowledge on SQL.
  3. With an increase in the quality of queries the execution time reduced multifold.
  4. On time delivery of reports increased customer satisfaction.

As automation increased, so did the time needed for completion of origination process. To top it, data handling, validations and reporting increased trust and reliability to approach new customers increasing demand for our technology-driven auto financing client in the market.

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