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Make your mobile app more attractive and user friendly

Make mobile app attractive user friendly

Make your mobile app more attractive and user friendly. Mobile app development has been taking a new turn in the recent trends. It is more important for companies to design a good and a perfect application to grow their business. Developing a mobile app is an easy task but what makes a user stop at your application?

There are many conditions which are important for the designers and the developers to develop the application. The development and then a good maintenance make you a leader in the market. The SDK’s play a vital role in the maintenance of the application. There are N number of things where are to be considered based upon your business requirement.

Make it attractive:

Now how do you do that? You may have the best design team, but what is more important is how does your design make a special image in a consumers mind. The most important thing is to make a perfect design prototype for design. Don’t let your design team design multiple designs and you get to choose one of them, that means you don’t have a perfect design and it can never be related to future changes. The design should be a perfect for the user to navigate and should be costumed to the future updates and the next updates should not be difficult for the user to handle.

The design should contain what a user is actually looking for and with more user friendly colors. Which makes the user stay on our application for a longer time. Next time when are ready to develop an mobile app make sure that you have a meet up with the design team and have a perfect prototype for your application which makes work more interesting with less complications.

Is your app user friendly?

What do you do to make your mobile app user friendly? How does a user expect an application to be?

A user is never concerned about the kind of software’s which we are using and the background maintenance. All they care about is how is the application, helping them in the fastest, most useful and comfortable way.

As a developer it is important to consider all these things while developing and maintaining the mobile app.

The first and the foremost thing a user needs is speed, make sure the application is running faster and also is of adequate size. A user gets really frustrated while downloading which is of a size of more than 100MB. If your application is driving more traffic you can also install some of the APM tools which will make your mobile app run faster even in a heavy traffic. You can also use google analytics or any analytics tools installed in your application which will help you understand your target the perfect audience and can understand where your traffic is getting driven from.

Make sure your coding is perfect and is meeting a world class tradition. A world class maintenance can help you maintain the local audience in a more profound way.

If your application includes GPS then make sure the GPS is not slowing the application, as many apps get slower while using the maps and its integration can be more tricky. Most of the application gets stuck when a user is using maps for more time.

Analytics are also more important in an application as the admin gets to know what the user is more interested about and what is the thing which is troubling them the most, by this you get make decisions of what to improve more in your application and hence making a perfect business strategy to improve your business and bring more users to your application.

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