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Test plan

With respect to software development in the waterfall method, more emphasis is given on defining various needs of a software product before entering the next phase of designing, which includes test planning and application design. As those requirements are quite known in advance before even adopting the waterfall method, defining a test plan is very much possible demanding quite few modifications during the project lifecycle. Now if we analyze those needs in the context of agile development, they have been

test automation

According to Gartner by next year, over 268 billion of mobile apps will be downloaded creating a revenue of $77 billion. As a result, many new softwares developments, new approaches to technologies and new cloud based testing are being approached. As a result, many are looking forward for test automation for a better and faster delivery of best and quality product. Testing has now become more customer centric than product centric. We can take a major trend in software testing


Many organizations implement an agile methodology and get mixed results, while many others make excellent progress in applying agile best practices, and still face challenges such as botched deployments, missed dates, and low quality. What are the factors that deprive organizations from achieving desired results even after applying agile? Many agile experts point to certain agile methodologies concentrating only on the development side of the house, and in doing so they ignore the operations side of the house. Organizations need