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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance embedded alongside developers to test with various users and scenarios
to ensure that end-users receive a consistent experience.

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Quality assurance plays a vital role during application development to develop high-quality error-free applications compatible with all environments and perform under all circumstances.

Motivity Lab-Quality Assurance


Our Quality Engineering Services empowers next-gen applications by establishing concrete testing methodologies for your product’s software life cycle. By monitoring every development stage closely for accurate product quality, our QA experts ensure improved software development lifecycle at an unparalleled speed.

We have been offering software testing services that use the latest practices and technologies enabling cost-effectiveness, efficient performance, and highest quality project implementations for the world’s largest enterprises.

Our Services

Functional Testing

To make sure the application/software work as per the specifications and meet the user requirements from the functionality perspective.

Security Testing

To mitigate the risk of cyber threats and attacks, security testing is carried out to assess the safety and security measures involved during development.

Exploratory Testing

Carried as part of quality assurance methodology which carries out simultaneous learning, test design, and test execution.

Mobile App Testing

With technological advancements in mobile devices, every application to be tested in terms of compatibility, performance,& functionality over mobiles is equally important.

Performance Testing

Carried out to understand the software/application performance in real-case scenarios to reduce errors.

Automated Testing

To reduce the time to market, automated testing is carried out using certain tools instead of manual testing.

Business Benefits

1. Agility
Under our software quality engineering, DevOps and QA engineers work in alignment for seamless and continuous agile delivery of your software projects.
2. Fail-proof software across multi-channels
Ensure applications to work on complex enterprise solutions such as mobile applications, IoT ecosystems, blockchain marketplace, and more.
3. Cost-effectiveness

Defects identified earlier in software lifecycle facilitate high quality timely deliverables that reduce costs on services and resources.

4. Accelerated Deliverables
Quality Engineering Services improve the operational time multifold with faster on-time deliverables leaving more time for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
5. Automation
Automated QA applications such as automated Unit testing, user acceptance testing, etc. can be built into the software architecture for faster and continuous software testing services.
6. Enhanced Quality
Our QA service deliverables follow best industry practices and

Our Process

Phase 1
Requirements for all the features of the software are collected and analyzed.
Phase 2
The scope of testing, test plans and test strategies are defined.
Phase 3
Prepares test data for testing and a requirement traceability matrix is prepared.
Phase 4
Test environments are set up which determines under what conditions a software is tested.
Phase 5
Actual results of test cases are tabulated and compared with expected results.
Phase 6
The Summary of the entire testing process is documented.

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Motivity Labs has decade-long experience in QA and software testing services. With our QA consulting and testing services, you get customized solutions which leverage state-of-the-art tech, latest practices, and rigid standards to create high quality software for your business needs within the required timeframe.

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