The gaining momentum of IoT and blockchain Motivity Labs Career August 18, 2016

The gaining momentum of IoT and blockchain

The gaining momentum of IoT and blockchain

What is Blockchain?
Blockchain gives a smart solution to the peer-to-peer communication platform problem. This technology allows the creation of a distributed digital ledger of transactions that is shared among the intersection of a network instead of being stored on a central server. Blockchain uses cryptography to identify nodes and allow a secure transaction, thus eliminating the need for a central authority.

This combination is already gaining momentum and is being adopted by both start-ups and tech giants. IBM and Samsung are using blockchain to support next-generation The gaining momentum of IoT and blockchain systems that will generate billions of transactions every day. The tech giants say that blockchain is initially assembled by the manufacturer, and then it is divided by dealers for customers, and they can interact with other devices in the post period.

This combination is creating a circular economy in which resources can be reused and hence eliminating the cost of purchase and hence increasing the capacity of the assets.

Hurdles that are to be overcome:
The gaining momentum of IoT and blockchain. The application of blockchain to IoT isn’t without flaws and shortcomings, and there are a few hurdles that need to be overcome.

The power and energy consumption process is also a point of concern. The horsepower required to carry out the encryption is lacking in many IoT devices. The same goes for storage, as ledgers start to grow in size and need to be stored in network nodes which might be a storage waste.

It’s still too early to say whether blockchain will be an advanced solution to the problems of the fast-evolving IoT industry. It’s not yet perfect; nonetheless, it’s a very promising combination for the future of IoT, where decentralized, autonomous networks will have a decisive role.

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