Mobile and Web services: The need of a mobile app or a mobile website?

If you are confused of establishing a mobile app or a website for your business, then there are some considerations which you need to know so that you get the best for your business. Sometimes it is much important to have a a mobile app for the users to download and sometimes it is the mobile website. It will vary based on the interaction of the users with your business. If you are running an e commerce or a fashion website then it is your highest priority to build a mobile app for a better interaction of the customers and if you are running a product development in IT sector or an automobile industry then you just need to build a mobile responsive website.

A web services are indeed a mandatory for your business, as a mobile app starts with a web services. A website will help you in your analytics and plays a major part in your business development. It is always necessary to analyze your customer data and make critical decisions.
Mobile app is only for a specific reason and hence a mobile website is quite necessary for all your needs. This doesn’t mean that an application is a bad option, if you’re running an e commerce business then without a web application you can never sustain the business world. In general a mobile website should be your initial stage of development and then adding an application is quite a good option.

Apps are portable and easy to use in a mobile and customer experience is also the one which we need to keep in list for developing better business.

Let us discuss about some of the important aspects for the apps:

There are some specific points where mobile apps are becoming very necessary and hence the mobile services is coming into action. Apps are also secured and are pretty fast and responsive. They are quite beautifully designed and are attracted by the customers.

Regular usage: Your customer must be using the app regularly and also needs personalization. For example a bank needs an application where a customer visits regularly to make his payments, check the statements and also can work on most of his banking requirements at his finger tips and also needs not to remember all his personal data as the app can store most of his personal data except for his passwords. Many such examples are e commerce, event managing, payment gateways, social media etc.

There are also a different aspects to design a personalized application such as UBER where it needs two different kinds of apps one for the customer and one for the driver. A driver will obviously use the app daily and hence a standard application is required. There are also some specified apps developed by the IT companies for different business for their personalizes usage and security, for example the Road transports and aircrafts and other transportation and goods systems require more secured apps for their data to be safe.

Gaming: Gaming obviously needs an application as it cannot use a mobile website as mobile websites are very bad responsive for gaming and hence a gamer always expects a game to be in the form of an application for a better gaming experience and can interact more.

Complex functionalities: If we are working on a complex situation or service than a mobile application are most likely to be expected. For example, if google is not launching a gmail application than most likely it would have lost a lot of business as it is very complex to view emails in a mobile website. The complexity keeps increasing as going further to filter the mails or to find an old email hence it is required to develop an application if you are complex in a customer point of view.

A mobile app is also the best when no data connection is required. Most of the mobile apps can work without the use of mobile data as it can provide most of the data offline. If we talk about the amazon kindle app you only need an internet connection to download and it will be stored in the application for a very long time.

When we talk about the web service development or web service architecture, then it is quite important to know the needs and development of applications also. If our goal is to make maximum interactions, then a mobile app is simply recommended. It is also important to keep the investment or the money we make through a mobile application.

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