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Devops Security

In many instance, data being in flight or at rest often get ignored or left unencrypted. Also many times, organization put away role-oriented security to allow faster production. This section focuses on various critical issues associated with DevOps security to understand potential linked vulnerabilities and ways to resolve them. Security in DevOps – Prioritizing It Enterprises across the globe, for the last two decades, have visualized security as just another add-on in DevOps. However, in order to ensure the right


Despite continuous advancements in the field of IT and application development, IT challenges have continued to haunt enterprises causing numerous crisis situations: Difficult and complex upgrades Extremely high cost of ownership Counterproductive cross-functional processes Apps failing to deliver as per business requirements Inflexibility creating restrictions in business process change When Agile is Not so Agile The issue is that IT often defines “agile” in many different ways than businesses do. One can find many IT shops where agility is being


Many organizations implement an agile methodology and get mixed results, while many others make excellent progress in applying agile best practices, and still face challenges such as botched deployments, missed dates, and low quality. What are the factors that deprive organizations from achieving desired results even after applying agile? Many agile experts point to certain agile methodologies concentrating only on the development side of the house, and in doing so they ignore the operations side of the house. Organizations need

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