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Many technology success stories leave behind its unintended consequences. One ideal example would be of virtualization. Virtualization has provided us with unprecedented hardware resource utilization. One impressive thing about it is that it has radically transformed a provisioning process by reducing the time taken for the process to minutes instead of months. The speed and flexibility provided by virtualization was unimaginable then, and it also paved strong foundation for platforms for both private as well as public cloud. The prevalence

Cloud security

Despite the wide-spread use of the cloud to manage secure, complex workloads, many organizations remain in dilemma to put their trust on the cloud’s ability to deliver desired security. Many of them perceive the capacity of a system to deliver security based on their ability to control and touch a physical device. Being able to touch and control get high importance when it comes to cloud security; that is the reason why security professionals prefer physical devices that can provide

application delivery

Since its inception, IT has been challenged from time to time by global organizations to provide them with a competitive advantage. Secure data and application delivery to modern digital devices is a critical IT workflow to foster productivity. IT companies are focusing to be more agile, and in order to achieve desired agility, they are required to turn the present paradigm around app delivery upside down. The Evolution of IT In its primitive stage, IT departments across the globe used


The recent explosion of cloud computing services, mobile devices, and other new technologies have made an upside down of the existing security paradigms. Today the security programs are unable to guarantee that a network can be built without compromise. Instead, the challenge is to understand the threat and implement controls and capabilities that protect data and effectively manage risk. Hence we come out with a new approach for developing cloud security. 1. Traditional methods abandoned: Today we begin with an