A new approach to cloud security

The recent explosion of cloud computing services, mobile devices, and other new technologies have made an upside down of the existing security paradigms.

Today the security programs are unable to guarantee that a network can be built without compromise. Instead, the challenge is to understand the threat and implement controls and capabilities that protect data and effectively manage risk.

Hence we come out with a new approach for developing cloud security.

1. Traditional methods abandoned:
Today we begin with an assumption that a hacker has gained access to the network, and our security operations team is hunting it down. When we accept that traditional parameter tool, it is unlikely to be effective against an advanced attacker, we must also accept that disputes may be active on our network. This is not an indication of failure, but it is the platform which will take us to a war field in which we need to stop and defeat the enemy.

In this phenomenon, the toughest part is to detect the hacker’s methodology, which will vary every time. The analysis must be dramatically able to face all the surroundings along saving the time to detect. The procedure may seem to be tough, but the attacker’s TTP namely: Tactics, techniques and procedures using the intelligence breakdown process will help us in our overall security system.

2. Understanding and prioritizing data:
This process is to arrange data in an ascending order, the best way to prioritize your data, such that our tool takes an increasingly dynamic and contextualized approach to security, which will help in the deep protection of your data.

With a clear, well-informed picture of normal, we can tune our tooling, direct our threat intelligence and enable our expert hunters to actively search for an abnormal point and detect the loop hole.

3. Actions for minimizing business impact:
The traditional methods will lead to a very slow detection of the fraud and hence by the time we detect the anomalous the state of risk is already high.

Instead, our Managed Security uses the catalog of pre-approved actions which will allow an immediate response. Understanding our environment, priorities and having a clear appreciation of the weapons in our collection, are all advantages the attacker does not have. We use these advantages ahead of time to plan, validate and approve the procedure of actions we must take to be effective when we identify malicious activity.

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About us:
Motivity Labs is a U.S(Texas) based mobile, cloud, and Bigdata insights solution provider with a global presence. We look forward to creating applications using next generation technology.

Motivity Labs is started in 2010 and has quickly risen to 138 positions on the Inc. 5000 by successfully executing projects including development and testing efforts for some of the largest software companies in the world along with many startup companies.

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