Everything you need to buy your favourite car. admin September 29, 2022

Everything you need to buy your favourite car.

Isometric Shield. Security, safe, privacy Concept. Abstract low Poly Design. Vector Illustration

Automobile | U.S.A.

About the Client:

The client is a technology-driven company that makes the consumer purchase a car through a simple and straightforward process and a satisfying experience. With high quality vehicles, exceptional customer service and affordable financing, the client provides everything that one needs to purchase the car.

Business Case:


Application must be able to handle the load of 20,000 concurrent users.


Pre-fixed response time and number of transactions per second.

Fail Over:

Application should behave as expected under specified load “20,000 concurrent users” and should have the Failover control.


Identify performance tools which satisfy customer requirements with minimal cost.

What We Did:

  1. Generated Load using distributed machines with Non-GUI mode by configuring in existing infrastructure.
  2. Getting Server-side metrics installing Perfmon Agent.
  3. Getting server-side metrics by analysing server logs, memory leaks and thread dump.
  4. Identifying server-side metrics during the performance test using Perfmon.

Technology Stack used:

JMeter with Perfmon monitoring Tool

Load Runner with AppDynamics monitoring Tool

Success achieved:

  • Reduced licence cost and Maintenance cost.
  • Client has a fixed development framework as per our suggestions.
  • Identification of application breakpoint (max load it can handle).
  • Achieved application performance as per service level agreement (SLA).

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