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Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing Services is a technique used in software testing that allows the
tester to determine and specify objectives of the test.


With over a decade of experience in quality assurance and software testing, our holistic methodology for exploratory Testing Services transcends the more sophisticated path to identifying errors and defects during the development and early in the testing life cycle. We provide quality testing and unparalleled expertise in the field with best-in-industry services to all our customers.


Experience-Based Testing

With rich experience in the field of software testing, our experts conduct experience-based testing to test the application based on their experience in the same technology.

Equivalence Partitioning

Implemented during testing phases, to divide the input data into partitions of equivalent data to derive the test cases which our team of experts uses during application testing.

Error Guessing

Our team of testers with their experience in the field of software testing, uses error guessing as a method to identify the errors and bugs in the application.

Ad hoc Testing

To find out any unidentified errors or bugs in an application our testers rely on ad-hoc testing to test the application randomly.

Decision Table Testing

As every application can be inputted with several streams of data, our experts implement decision table testing to test the system’s behaviour for different combinations of input data.

Boundary Value Analysis

The input data to the application is divided into partitions and our experts the extreme value of the partitions to test the application as extreme or boundary values prone to more errors.

Session-Based Test Management

We at Motivity Labs deploy session-based test management to effectively manage testing by focussing on activities that the testers perform during test sessions.

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