From Painful to Pain free. Quickly !! admin October 8, 2022

From Painful to Pain free. Quickly !!

Providing healthcare it consulting services

Healthcare Industry | USA

About the Client:

The organisation is a pioneer in providing 24/7 emergency dentist services covering 50 million Americans across 50 states who can consult virtually with an emergency dentist over their smartphone without leaving their home.


There were 2 challenges that the business was facing. First, to overcome critical limitations of the initial legacy technologies that were used to create the solution and second, the missing edge of speed and ease that would foster faster collaborations with dentists, insurers, and government agencies for patients to go from painful to pain free, quickly.

What We Did in 6 steps:

Our multi-discipline team worked closely with the existing development team throughout every step

Step 1: Reviewing existing Independent Codes and Integration

Step 2: Listing out recommendation and strategies to modernise (Challenge 1) and for development process (Challenge 2)

Step 3: Charting out time locked strategic implementation plan with corresponding budgets

Step 4: Achieved by bi-weekly delivery by implementing Agile & Release Management process and stabilised the process

Step 5: Devops team implemented CI/CD process automation leading to the creation of an appropriate product backlog and facilitated “Backlog grooming”

Step 6:Constantly managed short term and long term goals while re-engineering the existing product.

Expertise provided:

Project Managers, Architect, Developers, QA & Devops Teams

Technology Stack used:

Java, NodeJs, Python, Modern UI (React), Azure & AWS

Success achieved:

The highly scalable and dependable new fully vetted code provided by Motivity labs led to

  1. Increased Stability
  2. Reduction in Cost
  3. Faster response time

What started as a project has now become a partnership. Motivity is proud to be an on-going technology partner for the organisation from the past few years.

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