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Health & Productivity. Work & Home.

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Human Capital | U.S.A.

About the Client:

Client has been providing App based EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and Work-Life solutions that help employers develop and maintain healthy work environments and improve their people’s health and productivity at work and home.


Existing automation tools for both iOS and Android unable to support future implementations and new scripts, resulting in 3 set of challenges

  1. Integration of new tool with existing system
  2. Re-use of existing web application scripts with new implementation
  3. Creation of common framework where both tools can work

What We Did :

Our tech innovators worked hand in hand with the tech team of the client using the AGILE Methodology

Step 1: Detailed audit and overview of the existing automation tools (Watir for Web Automation & Calabash for Mobile Automation)

Step 2: Detailed support feature investigation of proposed alternate tools

Step 3: Identifying Appium tool with Ruby Script as the alternate solution  

Step 4: Creation of new BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) Framework

Step 5: Addition of libraries to existing Calabash and Watir framework

Step 6: Multiple Quality Assurance and Testing before delivery

Expertise provided:

Project Managers, Architect, Developers, Quality Assurance & Devops Teams

Technology Stack Expertise:




Success achieved:

  1. Reduced maintenance cost by re-using of existing with new tool, with support for both iOS and Android devices
  2. Reduced execution time with increased quality.
  3. Reduced effort by creation of generic reusable functions available in the framework
  4. Achieving framework capability of seamlessly switching between Web (Watir) & Mobile (Appium)
  5. Achieving framework capability to delivery best reporting mechanism with screenshots

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