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Mobile Automation Made Easy

About the Client:

Client has been providing EAP and Work-Life solutions that help employers develop and maintain healthy work environments and improve their people’s health and productivity at work and home.

Business Case:

Existing System: Customer is using Watir for Web Automation and Calabash for Mobile Automation (iOS and Android)

Problem: As Calabash stopped support for future implementations, customer wants alternative solution for Calabash, which can support both new scripts and running of existing scripts.


  • Integration of new tool with existing system.
  • Re-use of existing Watir web application scripts with new implementation.
  • Creation of common framework where both tools can work

Motivity Labs Solution: Proposed the below solution

  • Identified Appium tool with Ruby script as alternative solution to Calabash
  • Created new BDD Framework by adding Appium libraries to existing Calabash and Watir framework.

Business Impact:

  • Reduced Maintenance cost by re-using of existing with new tool, with support for both iOS and Android devices
  • Reduced execution Time with increased quality.
  • Reduced effort by creation of Generic Reusable functions available in the Framework
  • Framework seamlessly switch between Web (Watir) & Mobile (Appium)
  • Framework has the best reporting mechanism with screenshots

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