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Test Automation: Trending in 2019

Test Automation

Test Automation: Trending in 2019. According to Gartner by next year, over 268 billion mobile apps will be downloaded creating a revenue of $77 billion. As a result, many new software developments, new approaches to technologies, and new cloud-based testing are being approached. As a result, many are looking forward to testing automation for better and faster delivery of the best quality product. Testing has now become more customer-centric than product-centric.

We can take a major trend in software Test Automation with significant importance in 2019 and the near future:

  1. Internet of things (IoT):
    IoT is a network of physical devices like vehicles, cameras, buildings, etc., connected with electronic software sensors and network connectivity which will enable things to exchange data. With more connections, there will be more amount data being collected there are challenges to the sanity of data being collected along with accuracy. IoT has introduced an important impact on various types of testing.

The Internet of things has implemented the use of automation in testing to ensure a wider range of code coverage. Performance testing has taken to a new level with IoT with the data being transmitted over the network in an uninterrupted platform. As information gets continuously transmitted security testing becomes critical with IoT applications to avoid data breaches and malicious attacks.

2. Mobile testing:
Mobile testing remains on the top of the list for automation testing as the number of mobile applications getting downloaded is growing predominantly, hence making a remarkable shift in mobile business technology. Experts even believe that mobile testing will cross web testing if the market for mobiles will grow at the same rate. This testing will definitely be dominating the software testing industry. The major testing areas in this area will be performance, security, functional, compatibility, and usability testing. M-commerce and mobile payments have set up a new challenge for QA experts, to test the security, performance, and usability of mobile payments.

With the rapid increase of the internet of things on mobile combinations and operating systems with other daily usage things, many companies have now adopted mobile cloud testing labs which are reducing the cost and time.

3. Bigdata and predictive analytics testing:
Predictive analytics and Bigdata are interlinked connections. Networks, devices, and applications generate a very huge amount of data which contains unstructured and broken data which will lead to false decision-making and costly affairs if quality management is absent. Predictive analytics will tend companies and organizations to use big data and help the customer to look for better business management. Big data and analytic testing will help businesses to get the customers needed.

Along with the above mentions, testing’s Agile and DevOps also make a front row in testing which are providing continuous and faster delivery of the products, apart from these micro services and APIs testing, configuration management automation, life cycle testing and virtualization and containerization are some of the main trending testing’s.

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