The more time spent in Application testing, the better is the product. admin April 4, 2023

The more time spent in Application testing, the better is the product.

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About the client:

Our Client, Altia systems, is an award-winning venture based out of Cupertino, California. They work with a unique product Panacast, which enables an interactive, real-time panoramic HD 200-degree field of view replicating the human panoramic perspective on desktop or mobile video streaming. It can also be integrated into various video conferencing applications such as Lync, Skype etc. It was acquired by Jabra GN.

  • The PanaCast application needs to be tested for its features and performance validation on different desktop and mobile devices.
  • Each of the devices and OS platforms require different testing methods and approaches for the same application.
  • All the levels of application testing including compatibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, and usability testing needs to be performed on each of the devices.
  • The panoramic field of view and interactive features of PanaCast application must also be integrated and tested on 3rd party video conferencing apps that have video streaming features.



Finding a technology partner who could perform end to end testing of the application and provide a complete feature validation of the product on a variety of devices, including desktops, mobiles, and other third-party conferring applications.

Scope of Work:
  • Design and execution of test cases
  • Performing compatibility testing on different desktop operating systems
  • Performing mobile application Testing on supported smartphones and tablets
  • Automation of desktop and mobile application test cases for regression testing



  • The Application was stable across the devices.
  • There were zero production issues in the integration and usage of the application
  • Device OS compatibility was achieved.
  • The Panacast application feature validations confirmed the installation procedures on different devices and OS.

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